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Bus and communication systems Parameterizing devices / Tools

Belimo MP-Bus
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MP stands for Multi Point. The MP-Bus is the Belimo master/slave bus, which allows the connection of up to 8 slaves to a master unit. These slaves are MP/MFT(2) damper actuators, MP/MFT(2) valve actuators and MP-capable VAV-Compact controllers. Advantages of this bus include considerably reduced wiring expenses, a clearer arrangement, substantially higher functionality, as well as cost savings. The chapter MP-Bus Technology gives you more information on MP technology. Common technical terms associated with MP technology are listed in the MP Glossary.
  Introduction to MP-Bus Technology (2.3 mb)

  MP Glossary (117 kb)
Reference project

Various projects have already been carried out in MP-Bus technology, saving enormous costs. An MP-Bus system is described in the chapter MP-Bus project.
The extent of the savings due to the fact that the system was designed in MP-Bus technology instead of conventional technology is described in detail.
  MP-Bus projects (1.7 mb)
>> more reference projects
Sensor connection

One sensor can be connected per MFT(2) actuator. This can be a passive resistance sensor (Pt1000, Ni1000 or NTC), an active sensor (e.g. with DC 0...10 V output) or a switching contact. This allows the analog signal of the sensor to be easily digitized with the Belimo actuator and transferred via MP-Bus to the MP master unit, which scales the corresponding values.

MP hardware

The MP-Bus consists of three conductors: AC or DC 24 V, GND and the MP communication conductor. Supply and communication are in the same cable.

The wiring of an MP-Bus system does not require either special cables or terminating resistors.

The time and money spent on installation can be reduced further by using suitable cabling systems.

  Woertz Bus Cable (308 kb)

  ZFP2-MP Product Information (552 kb)
DDC controllers as MP masters

Belimo makes the MP specifications available to all interested manufacturers of DDC controllers, in order to implement corresponding MP interfaces in DDC controllers with regard to hardware and software. Several MP cooperation partners have already been persuaded to utilize the possibilities of the MP-Bus. The MP Cooperation Partner file gives you an overview of MP cooperation solutions that have already been realized successfully. If you manufacture DDC controllers and would like to implement the MP protocol in your DDC controllers, do not hesitate to contact your local Belimo representative.

The illustration shows an example of actuators and sensors of a central ventilator unit connected via an MP-Bus to a DDC controller with MP interface. Air control dampers, valves and sensors of the central ventilator unit are connected to each other using the MP-Bus and coupled to a digital DDC/PLC controller. The central ventilator unit can of course be directly connected to a higher-level bus system (e.g. LonWorks) via the controller as an option.

  MP Cooperation Partner
(242 kb)
Gateways as MP masters

The Belimo range of products includes so-called gateways, which convert the MP protocol for another bus system. A gateway directly and digitally converts the digital information from the controller and the feedback from the connected MP/MFT(2) actuators to the data required by the corresponding bus system.

The illustration shows an example for the connection of actuators and sensors to a LonWorks network via MP-Bus and UK24LON gateway. MP-capable VAV controllers (up to 8 are possible) are connected to each other via the MP-Bus. A temperature sensor or position switch can be connected for each VAV controller. Further information on the gateways can be found in the corresponding section of the requested bus protocol.
Suitable actuators can be selected from the bus device selection tool.

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